Every developer knows the feeling of hitting a weird bug, but I must admitt I was not prepared for this one.

It appears that if you have the Adblock extension installed, and have some Angular view names belonging to Adblock filter list, then AdBlock can

Hollywood movies are often introduced with a main character living his life until a big event happens, something that is enough life changing to justify a compelling story. And we, as an audience, tend to identify to that hero or some event in the story that helps us forget the boredom of real life. I believe this is one of the secret ingredients that make the movies industry so successful. People need to forget about their daily life because they believe it’s boring. In the timespan of 159 minutes they are thrilled in something more exciting, adventurous, romantic … everything that does not seem to exist in “real life”.

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As many programmers, I have always thought web design is a discipline best reserved for people doing art and design. You know, the hipster with his MacBook, his pletora of Adobe suites, and the huge time spent learning to use them.

I come from a background of system administration and networking, always fascinated by the obscure backend’s thing happening behind what you see on your screen. Furthermore, I started web development for the sole purpose of building Jib.li, as a CoFounder and CTO on this project, and as a team which had no money to hire a full time designer.

Needless to say I boarded the UI Design ship on the wrong foot.

In this first article I am going to share my experience on how I got passionate about creating and designing a User Interface and what I learned from all the resources shared on HN and Hack Design lessons which helped me redesign Jib.li.

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Let me start by presenting a new web service pythonanywhere.com.

It’s a full python development stack, ready to be used in your browser. After a quick subscription for a free account, you have access from your dashboard to [python, ipython, bash] consoles in different python flavours.

You can also browse your files, make cron scripts and create python web apps on the fly.

The most interesting features are the consoles pause/resume feature, which can be shared with other people. This could be very helpful to collaborate on code or teach python. Behind the scene, it’s an encrypted ajax window over your home folder running on a remote server hosted on EC2.

DaaS may be on it’s first baby steps. Though, it could rapidly become a standard way to code for developers especially in startups. Before diving in the pros and cons, let’s analyse the different development stacks possibilities.

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